Sabic FJ00952 HDPE is high molecular weight high density polyethylene copolymer with a broad molecular weight distribution. Due to the unique design, molecular structure and density of this HDPE resin, it has the characteristics of easy extrusion, high melt strength and strong physical properties, so HDPE FJ00952 resin can produce films with excellent strength and rigidity.

Main Application of Sabic HDPE FJ00952

FJ00952 Sabic HDPE resin can be used for blown film extrusion. It is generally used to make high-quality films for high-strength grocery bags, shopping bags and multi-layer bag liners, as well as a substitute for thin paper products. The film of this product is easy to handle and print, and can produce high-quality graphics.

Melt Flow Rate (MFR)
at 190°C and 2.16 kg 0.05 g/10 min ASTM D1238
at 190°C and 21.6 kg 9 g/10 min ASTM D1238
at 23°C 952 kg/m³ ASTM D1505
Dart Impact Strength (1) 180 g/µm ASTM D1709
Tensile Properties
stress at break, MD 60 MPa ASTM D882
stress at break, TD 56 MPa ASTM D882
strain at break, MD 400 % ASTM D882
strain at break, TD 550 % ASTM D882
stress at yield, MD 33 MPa ASTM D882
stress at yield, TD 31 MPa ASTM D882
1% secant modulus, MD 1250 MPa ASTM D882
1% secant modulus, TD 1500 MPa ASTM D882
Elmendorf Tear Strength
MD 12 g ASTM D1525
TD 60 g ASTM D1525
Vicat Softening Temperature 125 °C ASTM D1525

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