Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

  • CAS NO.:9002-88-4
  • HS Code: 39012000
  • MF:  (C2H4)n
  • Brands: Sabic, Marlex, Qapco, ExxonMobil, Borouge, DOW, LyondellBasell, etc.

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Polyolefin Resin Brands

What Is Low Density Polyethylene

Low density polyethylene (LDPE), also known as high-pressure polyethylene, is the lightest variety of polyethylene resin, and its appearance is milky white, odorless, non-toxic, and dull waxy particles. LDPE resin has good flexibility, extensibility, electrical insulation, transparency, easy processing and certain air permeability. It has good chemical stability, alkali resistance and general organic solvent resistance. However, its melting temperature is low and it is easy to process, but its heat sealing performance is poor.

As a plastic material, LDPE resin is suitable for various molding processes of thermoplastic molding processing, and has good molding processability. Therefore, LDPE low density polyethylene resin is mainly used to make film products, injection molded products, medical equipment, pharmaceutical and food packaging materials, blow molding and hollow molding products, etc.

Different Brands of LDPE Resin

Sabic LDPE


General grade

2102NOW, 2102N3W, 2402H3W, HP2022JN, HP2023JN, HP2023NN,

Film grade

2100NO, 2100NOW, 2101NOW, 2200HO, 2200H2, 2201HO, 2201H1, 2201H3W, 2404H4, 2404NO, 2500NO, 2501NO, 2501NOW, 2600HO,HP4024WN,HP0322N, HP0322NN, HP0323NN, HP0722NN, HP0723JN, HP0823NN, HP20023, HP2025NN, HP2027LN, HP2027NN, HP4023WN, HP4024N,  HP4027JN, HP4027NN, HP7022, HP7023

Tubular grade

2005EC, 2008NO, 2015NO, 2308NO, 2402H3W , 2404NO,

Masterbatch grade


Ultra Melt Strength (UMS) grade

1905UO, 2202UO

Foam applications

2004CX3, 2102XO, 2102X3, 2402CXO, 2600HO, 2602X1, HP0323NN, HP0823NN, HP2024JDF, HP2024NDF,

Food grade

1922NO, 2201HOW, 2201H1W, 2602HOW, 2801HOW,

blown film extrusion grade

2202H3W, 2402HO, HP0321NN, HP0723JN, HP0724NN, HP4025ZN,

Lotrene LDPE

MG 70,LA 0710,FB 3003,FB 5026,FD 0270,FD 0274,FD 0374,FD 0474,FE 3000,FE 8000,FE 8004

Marlex LDPE


Blow molding

4538A, 5104

Injection Molding

1007, 1009,1122B,1412, KN226

Blown Film

1122, 5335, 5561, 5563, 5613, 5619, 5626, 5754, 5755

Cast film

4571, 5428, 5429, 5430, 5440

Extrusion Coating and Lamination

1013, 1017, 1018, 1019, 4517




LDPE 150E, LDPE 310E, LDPE 312E, LDPE 352E, LDPE 450E, LDPE 582E, LDPE 780E, LDPE 722, DOW EC 7000, EC7220,  XZ89166



Lyondellbasell LDPE

LD1800S, LD2420D, LD2420F, LD2420K, LD3020F, LD3020K



 ExxonMobil LDPE

LD 051.LQ, LD 071 Series, LD 080 Series, LD 100.BW, LD 102.LC, LD 103 Series, LD 105 Series, LD 117 Series, LD 123.LN, LD 129.DS, LD 136.MN, LD 143.DJ, LD 165.BW1, LD 200.48, LD 201.48, LD 202.48, LD 241.48, LD 302 Series, LD 306 Series, LD 312 Series, LD 313.NF, LD 317.PM, LD 319.PM, LD 331.NM, LD 419.MV, LD 506.07, LD 516.LN, LD 521.LN Blown, LD 521.LN Molding, LD 617.LN, LD 637.LI, LGA 105

Lotrene MG70
Lotrene MG70
Lotrene LA0710
Lotrene LA0710
Marlex PE Warehouse
Marlex PE Warehouse
  • LDPE resin can meet the requirements of most thermoplastic forming processing technologies, including film blowing, film casting, extrusion lamination, wire and cable lamination, injection molding, blow molding.
  • LDPE granules can be used alone or blended with other members of the polyethylene family, such as HDPE, LLDPE, etc.
  • Extrude film. The biggest use of LDPE is to make films, including packaging films and non-packaging films, single and composite LDPE films produced by blow molding or casting processes. Films made of LDPE resin exhibit good optical properties, strength, flexibility, sealing, slow odor diffusion and chemical stability.
  • Extrude rubberizing. Due to the structural characteristics of LDPE molecules, it is the only resin in the polyethylene resin family that can meet the requirements of the extrusion coating process. LDPE adhesive can be covered on many substrates, such as, paper, board, cloth and other polymer materials.
  • Coextruded LDPE resin can be widely used as a component of high barrier composite laminates. Important requirements are moisture protection and sealing. To meet different requirements, the performance of the resin will be different. It can be used in aseptic packaging, packaging of medicines and daily necessities.
  • It is used for molding because of its flex resistance and processing characteristics. And LDPE resin can be used to make medical and daily consumer bottles and seals that require extrusion performance.
  • Wires and cables. The low density polyethylene LDPE resin is originally used as a sheathing material for wires and cables. LDPE shows excellent electrical properties and anti-wear properties.
  1. The density range of LDPE granules is 0. 910 ~ 0. 925g/cms, which is the lightest variety of polyethylene resin except ultra-low density polyethylene.
  2. Its molecular structure is a branched molecule with long and short branches on the main chain.
  3. LDPE resin has good chemical stability, which can resist acid, alkali and saline solution, and can resist general organic solvents below 60 °
  4. Cold resistance is also better. But heat resistance, oxidation resistance and light aging performance are poor.
  5. LDPE resin has the characteristics of low electrical conductivity, small dielectric constant, low dielectric loss tangent and high dielectric strength.
  6. Low density polyethylene LDPE has good flexibility, extensibility, transparency, processability and a certain degree of air permeability.
  7. The mechanical strength is low, and the moisture permeability is also poor. Adhesion, cohesiveness, and printability are poor, which can only be improved after chemical corrosion and corona treatment. Its physical and mechanical properties also vary due to different uses.
  8. Combustible substances, the dust of which can burn and explode in the air.So fire and high temperature must be strictly prohibited during transportation and storage.
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The production process of LDPE resin is mainly divided into high pressure method and low pressure method. The high pressure method refers to the polymerization of ethylene monomer into LDPE under high pressure. The low-pressure method refers to the polymerization of ethylene monomer into linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) under low pressure, and then it becomes LDPE through post-processing.

In the process of producing low density polyethylene LDPE by high pressure method, a high pressure reactor is required. First, ethylene monomer and catalyst are fed into the reactor, and then polymerization is carried out under high pressure. After the reaction is over, the reactant is cooled and decompressed to obtain LDPE granules. These granules can be processed into various plastic products.

In the process of producing LDPE by low pressure method, ethylene monomer and catalyst need to be added into the reactor first, and then the polymerization reaction is carried out under low pressure. After the reaction is finished, LLDPE particles are obtained. These pellets need to undergo post-processing, including steps such as heating, compression and stretching, to make them into LDPE granules. And these granules can be processed into various plastic products.

PE pipes
PE pipes
PE Agricultural film
PE agricultural film
CPP Film Grade
Film Grade
Wire & Cables
Wire & Cables
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Injection Grade

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