Polyethylene PE

  • Abbreviation: PE Resin
  • Appearance: White Granules
  • Main Types: LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE
  • Brands: Sabic, Marlex, Qapco, DOW, Borouge, ExxonMobil, Lyondellbasell,etc.
  • Application: Widely used in the manufacture of films, pipes, plates, wires and cables, various shaped products, etc.

Polyethylene PE resin is thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of ethylene. In industry, it also includes copolymers of ethylene and a small amount of α-olefins. Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, has excellent low temperature resistance, and the lowest operating temperature can reach -100~-70°C. It has good chemical stability and is resistant to most acids and alkalis. PE resin is insoluble in common solvents at room temperature, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation. 

The polyethylene resin can be processed by general thermoplastic molding methods. It has a wide range of uses, and can be used to manufacture films, packaging materials, containers, pipes, monofilaments, wires and cables, daily necessities, etc., and can also be used as high-frequency insulation materials for TVs and radars.

Classification of Polyethylene Resin

Polyethylene (PE) is one of the simplest molecular structures among resins. It has rich sources of raw materials, low price, excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability, easy molding and processing, and many varieties, which can meet different performance requirements. As an important thermoplastic polymer, PE resin can be divided into the following different types according to different manufacturing processes and molecular structures.

  1. LLDPE resin is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless milky white particles. It has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance and electrical insulation, high heat resistance, impact resistance and puncture resistance, etc. Films, daily necessities, pipes, wires and cables can be produced by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other molding methods.
  2. HDPE resin is non-toxic, odorless white granules. Through injection molding, blow molding, extrusion molding, rotational molding and other molding methods, it can produce film products, daily necessities and various hollow containers for industrial use, pipes, calendering tapes and ligatures for packaging, ropes, fishing nets and weaving. Fibers, wires and cables, etc.
  3. LDPE resin is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, milky white waxy particles with matte surface. Processing methods such as injection molding, extrusion molding, and blow molding can be used. Mainly used as agricultural film, industrial packaging film, pharmaceutical and food packaging film, mechanical parts, daily necessities, building materials, wires, cable insulation, coating and synthetic paper, etc.

Various Brands of PE Resin For Sale

Models Applications TDS
Sabic® B1504 Blow molding
Sabic® B4660 Blow molding
Sabic® B5210 Blow molding
Sabic® B5403 Blow molding
Sabic® B5421 Blow molding
Sabic® B5429 Blow molding
Sabic® B5822 Blow molding
Sabic® B5823 Blow molding
Sabic® BM1052J Blow molding
Sabic® F00952 Blown film
Sabic® FJ00952 Blown film
Sabic® F04660 Blown film
Sabic® M200056 Injection molding
Grades Models Applications TDS
Sheet Extrusion Marlex® 7104 Geomembrane
Blown Film Marlex® 7105D Heavy Duty Packaging
Marlex® 7109 General Use
Marlex® 7109DJ General Use
Marlex® 7109DL General Use
Marlex® 7109FJ General Use
Marlex® 7109M General Use
Marlex® 7120B Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 7120X Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 7308DK Industrial Packaging
Marlex® 7308FK Industrial Packaging
Models Applications TDS
DOW™ 1210p Blown extrusion film applications
DOW™ 1220p Blown extrusion film applications
DOW™ 2047g High performance stretch film applications
ModelsApplicationsTDSContact Us
Lotrene® Q1018Blow film applications
Lotrene® Q2018Blow film applications
Lotrene® Q3018CCast film extrusion grade
Models Applications TDS
Sabic® B1504 Blow molding
Sabic® B4660 Blow molding
Sabic® B5210 Blow molding
Sabic® B5403 Blow molding
Sabic® B5421 Blow molding
Sabic® B5429 Blow molding
Sabic® B5822 Blow molding
Sabic® B5823 Blow molding
Sabic® BM1052J Blow molding
Sabic® F00952 Blown film
Sabic® FJ00952 Blown film
Sabic® F04660 Blown film
Sabic® M200056 Injection molding
Models Applications TDS
Marlex® HHM 5202BN HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® EHM 6004 HDPE Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® EHM 6007 HDPE Liquid Food
Marlex® HHM 5502-01ST HDPE Large Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex® HXB TR-512 HDPE Large Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex® HHM TR-144 HDPE Film Applications
Marlex® HXM 50100 HDPE Large Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex® HXM 50100-01 HDPE Large Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex® HHM 5502BN HDPE Personal Care, Pharmaceutical
Marlex®  9006 HDPE Pails, Crates
Models Applications TDS
DOW™ 25455N Housewares, toys, medical applications
DOW™ 17450N Toys and housewares
DOW™ 25055E Housewares, toys, food containers
Models Applications TDS
Lotrene® 5502BN Blow molding
Lotrene® 5202BN Blow molding
Lotrene® 50100 Blow molding
Lotrene® TR144 Film applications
Lotrene® TR571 Food packaging
Lotrene® TR131 Food packaging
Lotrene® TR400 Pressure pipe
Models Applications TDS
Sabic® 2022JN General-purpose packaging
Sabic® 2022NDF Foam applications
Sabic® HP2023JN General-purpose packaging
Sabic® HP2023NN General-purpose packaging
Sabic® 4024N General-purpose films
Sabic® HP4024WN General-purpose films
Sabic® HP4024ZN General-purpose films
Grades Models Applications TDS
Blown Film Marlex® 1122 LDPE Industrial Packaging
Marlex® 5335 LDPE Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 5613 LDPE Industrial Packaging
Marlex® 5619 LDPE Industrial Packaging
Marlex® 5626 LDPE Industrial Packaging
Marlex® 5561 LDPE Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 5563 LDPE Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 5754 LDPE Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 5755 LDPE Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 1018 LDPE Flexible Packaging, Lamination
Marlex® 1019 LDPE Flexible Packaging, Lamination
Marlex® 4517 LDPE Board Coating, Flexible Packaging
DOW™ 722Heavy duty film applications
DOW™ 150eMedium duty film applications
DOW™ 310eLight and medium duty applications
DOW™ 450eLight duty applications
DOW™ 582eHigh clarity blown and cast films
DOW™ 780eHeavy duty film applications
Models Applications TDS
Lotrene® FB3003 Heavy duty film applications
Lotrene® FB5026 Medium duty film applications
Lotrene® FD0274 Light and medium duty applications
Lotrene® FD0374 Light duty applications
Lotrene® FD0474 High clarity blown and cast films
Lotrene® FE3000 Heavy duty film applications
Lotrene® FE8000 Light and medium duty applications

What Are Applications of Polyethylene PE Polymer

  • Packaging. Polyethylene resin is extensively used in packaging applications due to its excellent barrier properties, moisture resistance, and durability. It is commonly used in the form of films, bags, and containers for food packaging, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.
  • Pipes and fittings. Both high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) are widely used in the construction and infrastructure industries for the production of pipes and fittings. PE pipes are corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and have high flexibility, making them suitable for water supply, gas distribution, and irrigation systems.
  • Wire and cable insulation. PE resin is commonly used as an insulation material for wires and cables due to its excellent electrical properties and low dielectric constant. It provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection, and resistance to environmental factors, making it ideal for telecommunications, power transmission, and automotive applications.
  • Agricultural films. PE films are extensively used in agriculture for greenhouse covers, mulching films, silage protection, and crop packaging. These films help in controlling temperature, conserving moisture, suppressing weed growth, and protecting crops from pests, thereby improving agricultural productivity.
  • Automotive components. PE polymer is used in the automotive industry for various applications, such as fuel tanks, bumpers, interior trim, and under-the-hood components. Its impact resistance, chemical stability, and lightweight nature make it a preferred material for these applications.
  • Medical devices. Polyethylene polymer is used in the production of medical devices and equipment, including syringes, catheters, prosthetics, and implants. It is biocompatible, chemically inert, and has good mechanical properties, making it suitable for use in contact with body tissues and fluids.
  • Toys and consumer goods. PE granules is commonly employed in the manufacturing of toys, household goods, and consumer products. Its durability, ease of molding, and safety make it a popular choice for applications such as bottles, containers, children’s toys, and packaging for electronics.
  • Insulation and foam products. Polyethylene foam, known for its lightweight and cushioning properties, is used in insulation applications, protective packaging, and as a core material in composite structures. It provides thermal insulation, shock absorption, and vibration damping in various industries, including construction, electronics, and transportation.
  • Sports and leisure equipment. The polyethylene granules can be used in the production of sporting goods and recreational equipment. It is used to manufacture items such as kayak hulls, sleds, skateboards, protective padding, and artificial turf due to its impact resistance, water resistance, and durability.
  • Environmental applications. It is employed in various environmental applications, including geomembranes for landfill liners, water containment systems, and wastewater treatment. It helps prevent soil contamination, controls water seepage, and acts as a barrier against pollutants, contributing to environmental protection.
PE food packagings
  • Lightweight. Polyethylene PE resin is a lightweight plastic, lighter than water, with a density of about 0.91-0.96g/cm3.
  • Soft. Polyethylene has good softness and plasticity, and can be made into various shapes by heating, pressing, stretching and other processes.
  • Good abrasion resistance. Some resistance to some chemicals and environmental influences.
  • High transparency and gloss. PE granules are suitable for making transparent packaging materials, plastic bags, etc.
  • High tensile strength. is a durable material.
  • Good low temperature resistance. It can maintain good toughness and strength in low temperature environment, and can be used to make low temperature containers.
  • Good corrosion resistance, strong corrosion ability to acids, alkalis, salts and other chemical substances.
  • Good electrical insulation. Polyethylene is a good insulating material and is used to make products such as cables and conduit.
  • Excellent wear resistance, not easy to wear, split, deform, etc.
  • Excellent heat resistance, able to maintain stable performance in high temperature environment.
  • Polyethylene resin has good processability and can be processed by injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and other methods.
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