Polycarbonate PC

  • Abbreviation: PC Resin
  • Appearance: Transparent granules
  • Density: 1.18-1.22 g/cm3
  • CAS No.: 24936-68-3
  • HS Code: 39074000
  • Molecular Formula: C16H18O5

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    Polycarbonate (PC) is an amorphous, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and transparent thermoplastic polymer. Polycarbonate resin is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent performance. It is the only material with good transparency among the five major engineering plastics. And it is also the fastest growing general engineering plastic material in recent years.

    PC resin is currently widely used in automotive, electrical and electronic, construction, office equipment, packaging, sports equipment, medical care and many other fields. Therefore, PC plastic products can be seen in every corner of our lives. The characteristics of large-scale industrial production and easy processing also make the price low. In addition, with the continuous deepening of modification research, it is rapidly expanding to high-tech fields such as aerospace, computers, and optical discs.








    S-3000UR, 2000VR


    IR2200 CB






    1100R, 1100









    The three major application fields of PC engineering plastics are glass assembly industry, automobile industry and electronics and electrical appliances industry. Secondly, it is also used in the processing and manufacturing of industrial machinery parts, CDs, packaging, computers and other office equipment, medical and health care, films, leisure and protective equipment. PC resin can be used as door and window glass. And PC laminates are widely used in protective windows in banks, embassies, detention centers and public places. It can also be used in aircraft canopies, lighting equipment, industrial safety baffles and bulletproof glass.

    In the field of optical lighting

    PC resin can manufacture large lampshades, protective glass, left and right eyepiece tubes of optical instruments, etc. Besides, it can be used as transparent materials on aircraft.

    Electronic and electrical appliances

    • Polycarbonate is an excellent E (120°C) class insulating material. Used in the manufacture of insulating connectors, coil frames, tube holders, insulating sleeves, telephone casings and parts, battery casings for miner’s lamps, etc.
    • It can also be used to make parts with high dimensional accuracy, such as communication equipment such as CDs, telephones, electronic computers, video recorders, telephone switches, and signal relays.
    • Polycarbonate film is also widely used as capacitors, insulating leather bags, audio tapes, color video tapes, etc.

    Mechanical equipment. It is used to manufacture various gears, racks, worm gears, worms, bearings, cams, bolts, levers, crankshafts, ratchets, etc. Besides, PC resin can also be used as parts such as housings, covers and frames of some mechanical equipment.

    Medical equipment. It can be used as cups, barrels, bottles for medical purposes, dental instruments, drug containers and surgical instruments.

    Other fields

    • In construction, PC resin granules is used as hollow-reinforced double-wall panels, greenhouse glass, etc.
    • In the textile industry, PC resin is used as spinning bobbins, textile machine bearing bushes, etc.
    • For daily use, it can be used as baby bottles, tableware, toys, models, LED lamp casings and mobile phone casings, etc.
    1. As one of the materials widely used in the world, PC resin has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.
    2. Polycarbonate resin is an amorphous thermoplastic resin with excellent comprehensive properties.
    3. PC resin has excellent electrical insulation, elongation, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance.
    4. Polycarbonate PC granules has the advantages of self-extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic, and colorable.
    5. It also has the advantages of outstanding impact resistance, creep resistance, heat resistance, low water absorption and excellent dielectric properties.
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