Polyoxymethylene POM

  • Abbreviation: POM Resin
  • Other Name: Acetal, Polyformaldehyde
  • Appearance: Milky white opaque granules
  • CAS No.:  9002-81-7
  • HS Code: 3907101010
  • Molecular Formula: (CH2O)n

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    Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as acetal, Polyformaldehyde, is a high-density, highly crystalline thermoplastic engineering plastic without side chains. The appearance is milky white opaque particles. According to different raw material monomers and polymerization processes, polyoxymethylene usually is divided into two categories, homopolyoxymethylene (a homopolymer of trioxane or formaldehyde) and copolymer polyoxymethylene (a copolymer of trioxane and a small amount of dioxane). At a lower cost than many other engineering plastics, POM material is replacing some markets traditionally occupied by metals, such as replacing zinc, brass, aluminum and steel to make many parts.








    500P, 100P


    FM090, FM270, FM090





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    Polyoxymethylene POM has high strength and light weight. Therefore, it is often used to replace non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, tin, and lead. POM has been widely used in electronics, machinery, instruments, daily light industry, automobiles, building materials, agriculture and other fields. In addition, POM resin also shows a good growth trend in the applications of many new fields, such as, medical technology, sports equipment, etc.,

    In the automotive industry. Used in the manufacture of automotive pumps, carburetor components, fuel pipes, power valves, universal joint bearings, motor gears, crankshafts, handles, instrument panels, automotive window lifters, electrical switches, seat belt buckles, etc.
    In machinery manufacturing. Widely used as transmission components such as gears, drive shafts, chains, valves, valve stem nuts, bearings, cams, impellers, rollers, nozzles, guide rails, bushings, pipe joints and mechanical structural parts.

    Electrical and electronic, household appliances. Polyoxymethylene POM is used to manufacture plugs, switches, buttons, relays, washing machine pulleys, shafts and wheel housings of cassette tapes, electronic computer casings, and various parts of televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, telephones, tape recorders, and dishwashers.

    Precision instruments. POM resin can be used to produce the support frame, cover body, friction pad of the shelf, and parts of clocks, cameras and other precision instruments.

    Other fields. POM can also be used in corrosion-resistant fire hydrants, pen holders and pen covers, toys, combs, zippers, mascara sticks and other consumer products.

    • Polyoxymethylene (POM) is an engineering plastic with excellent performance, known as “super steel”.
      POM resin is a tough and elastic material with good creep resistance, geometric stability and impact resistance even at low temperatures.
    • POM homopolymer has good ductility strength and fatigue resistance, but it is not easy to process.
    • POM copolymer have good thermal stability, chemical stability, and it is easy to process.
    • Both homopolymer and copolymer POM materials are crystalline materials and are not easy to absorb moisture.
    • The high degree of crystallinity of POM leads to a relatively high shrinkage rate, which can reach as high as 2% to 3.5%. There are different shrinkage rates for various reinforced materials.
    • POM material has metal-like hardness, strength and rigidity.
    • It has good self-lubrication, good fatigue resistance and elasticity in a wide range of temperature and humidity.
    • Products made of POM have the characteristics of high fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, low water absorption, high surface hardness, good rigidity, good dimensional stability, high dimensional accuracy and good sliding.
    • Polyoxymethylene is not resistant to strong alkalis and oxidants, but has certain stability to alkenoic acids and weak acids. POM chemical has good solvent resistance, can resist hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ethers, gasoline, lubricating oil and weak alkali, etc.,
    • In addition, it maintain considerable chemical stability at high temperatures.
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