Sabic 118WJ is a butene linear low density polyethylene resin typically used for general‐purpose packaging. It is easy to process and has good tensile properties, impact strength and optical properties. So the films produced from this resin are tough with good puncture resistance, high tensile strength and good hottack properties.

The LLDPE 118WJ contains slip and antiblock additives. However, this LLDPE resin is not intended for and must not be used in any medical applications.

Main Applications of LLDPE 118WJ

Shipping sacks, ice bags, frozen food bags, stretch wrap film, produce bags, liners, carrier bags, garbage bags, agricultural films, laminated and coextruded films for meat wrap, frozen food and other food packaging, shrink film (for blending with LDPE), industrial consumer packaging, and high clarity film applications if blended with (10~20%) LDPE.

Properties Units SI Values Test methods
Polymer properties      
Melt flow rate (MFR)       ISO 1133
at 190 °C and 2.16 kg   dg/min 1.0  
Density 1) kg/m³ 918 ISO 1183 (A)
Slip mg/kg 1500 SABIC method
Anti block mg/kg 3500 SABIC method
Anti oxidant   + SABIC method
Optical properties      
Gloss (45°) 42 ASTM D 2457
Haze % 20 ASTM D 1003A
Film properties      
Impact strength kJ/m 22 ASTM D 4272
Tear strength TD kN/m 120 ISO 6383-2
Tear strength MD kN/m 40 ISO 6383-2
Puncture resistance J/m 380 SABIC method
Tensile test film     ISO 527-3
Yield stress TD MPa 11  
Yield stress MD MPa 11  
Stress at break TD MPa 30  
Stress at break MD MPa 37  
Strain at break TD % 800  
Strain at break MD % 600  
Modulus of elasticity TD MPa 180  
Modulus of elasticity MD MPa 160  
Coefficient of friction 0.1 ISO 8295
Blocking g 15 SABIC method
Re-blocking g 10 SABIC method
Thermal properties    

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