Marlex TR 131 medium density polyethylene is an ethylene-hexene copolymer and is tailored for blown film applications. This resin has the characteristics of soft hand, good toughness, impact strength and tear resistance. And TR 131 also has good blending properties with HDPE HMW resin.

Main Applications of Marlex HHM TR 131

• T-shirt bags
• Shopping bags
• Trash bags

Nominal Physical Properties ASTM Unit Value
Density D1505 g/cm3 0.938
Melt Index, Condition 190°C/ 2.16 kg D1238 g/10min 0.2
HLMI, Condition 190°C/21.6 kg D1238 g/10min 15
Flexural Modulus, Tangent D790 MPa 760
Brittleness Temperature D746 °C <-75
Typical Film Properties**
Dart Drop (66cm) D1709 g 165
Spencer Impact Strength D3420 J 0.35
Tensile Yield Strength, 50 mm/min D882 MPa MD: 21
TD: 23
Elongation at Break, 50 mm/min D882 % MD: 500
TD: 660
Elmendorf Tear Strength D1922 g MD: 30
TD: 350

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