Lotrene FD0270 LDPE is an additive free grade mainly recommended for the extrusion of thin film for light and medium duty applications. The molecular structure of ldpe FD0270 makes it possible to produce very thin, clear and glossy films.

Applications of LDPE FD0270

• High clarity bags
• Thin shrink film
• Lamination film
• Foamed products


  1. Lotrene FD0270 can be easily processed on all types of extruders to make blown or cast films.
  2. The melt temperature is suggested to be in the range of 140-150 °C.
  3. The best properties of the blown film are achieved at blow up ratios between 2:1 and 3:1.
  4. The recommended thickness range is from 20 μm to 100 μm.
Melt Flow Index 2.4 g/10 min. ASTM D-1238
Density @ 23 °C 0.923 g/cm3 ASTM D-792
Crystalline Melting Point 112 °C ASTM E-794
Vicat Softening Point 96 °C ASTM D-1525






Tensile Strength @ Yield MD/ TD 12/12 MPa ASTM D-882
Tensile Strength @ Break MD/ TD 28/24 MPa ASTM D-882
Elongation @ Break  MD/ TD 430/660 % ASTM D-882
Tear resistance MD/ TD 90/70 N/mm ASTM D- 1922
Puncture Force 50 N Internal Method
Impact Strength, F 50 85 g ASTM D-1709
Coefficient Of friction 1.2 ASTM D-1894
Haze 5.5 % ASTM D-1003
Gloss (@ 45 °) 73 ASTM D-2457

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