Borouge RA140E is a BNT Nucleated high molecular weight, low melt flow rate polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R) natural colored. It is a natural grade used for production of pipes and fittings.

Special Features of RA140E

  • Enhanced process ability
  • High temperature resistance
  • Economical pipe production
  • Low incidence on taste and odour
  • Excellent product consistency
  • Good impact strength

Main Applications:

Recommended for the production of PP-R pipes and fittings. And these pipes and fittings are mainly used in Heating, Plumbing, Domestic water, Relining, and Industrial applications.

Property Typical Value Test Method
Density 905kg/m3 ISO 1183
Melt Flow Rate (230°C/2.16kg) 0.30g/10min ISO 1133
Flexural Modulus (2mm/min) 850MPa ISO 178
Tensile Modulus (1mm/min) 800MPa ISO 527
Tensile Strain at Yield (50mm/min) 13.5% ISO 527-2
Tensile Stress at Yield (50mm/min) 25MPa ISO 527-2
Thermal Conductivity 0.24W/(m K) DIN 52612
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (0°C/70°C) 1.8*10E-4/K DIN 53752
Charpy Impact Strength, notched (23°C) 60 kJ/m² ISO 179/1eA
Charpy Impact Strength, notched (0°C) 6.0kJ/m² ISO 179/1eA
Charpy Impact Strength, unotched (23°C) No break ISO 179/1eU
Charpy Impact Strength, unotched (0°C) No break ISO 179/1eU
*Data should not be used for specification work  

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