Borouge ME3440 (PE80) is a black, bimodal medium density polyethylene. It uses the advanced Borstar® production technology and achieves an optimal balance between flexibility and strength. Well-dispersed carbon black has excellent UV resistance. Optimized stabilization system ensures long-term stability.

Applications of Borouge ME3440 (PE80)

MDPE ME3440 (PE80) is recommended for pressure pipe systems in drinking water, natural gas, pressure sewage treatment, lining, sea outlet and industrial applications. Flexibility and rollability are very important in these areas. It also shows excellent resistance to fast crack propagation and slow crack growth.

Due to the bimodal molecular weight distribution structure, Borouge ME3440 resin has excellent extrudability compared to traditional PE80 products.

Property Typical Value* Test Method
Density (Compound) 954kg/m3 ISO 1183
Melt Flow Rate (190°C/5.0kg) 0.80g/10min ISO 1133
Tensile Modulus (1mm/min) 800MPa ISO 527
Tensile Strain at Break (50mm/min) >600% ISO 527-2
Tensile Stress at Yield (50mm/min) 19MPa ISO 527-2
Carbon Black Content ≥2% ISO 6964
Carbon Black Dispersion ≤3 ISO 18553
Oxidation Induction Time (210°C) ≥20mins ISO 11357-6
Resistance to Slow Crack Growth (8.0bar, 80oC) >5000hrs ISO 13479
+Pc at 0°C, test pipe 250mm SDR11
*Data should not be used for specification work

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